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Canine II

Clinical Notes (eliminate xray notes and enlarge viewing box

Is anyone successfully using clinical notes in Softdent?   We are really having a struggle and are ready to move to a different software!  

Our major issues are

1. When viewing a patient's clinical notes there are SO many notations for x-rays, intraoral and extraoral  photos "RVG, FMS, Image capture, secondary image, visible light"   On average TEN line items for every actual clinical note.  It makes it super difficult to review or look up info.  The overview is not helpful.

2.  Once you find the clinical note, all the information shows up in a tiny box on the lower left of the screen.  We have to scroll up and down this small box to read one clinical note.


So, first we have to wade through multiple image notations and THEN scroll up and down a tiny box to read note.  Just too cumbersome and time consuming.   

Anybody having success with this?  Any work-arounds?  I hate to go to all the effort of changing Software but we have to be able to be able to chart clinical notes.




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Hi, thanks for this feedback. We know this area needs a lot of work.

See below at some of my thoughts on what we can do here. I'd love some feedback.


This would be a new layout for the Clinical Notes tab. I compare it to an Outlook style with the notes on listed on the left. The right would be used for reviewing existing notes (in review mode) and composing new notes (in compose mode). 

  • Note new filter options to not show Rx, Images or Watch entries
  • Possible continuous scroll of notes? 
    • each note would be clearly separated but maybe we could just continue to scroll down and up through the notes on the left from the review panel
  • Notice lots more room to review and compose


Review Mode:

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 1.52.38 PM.png


Compose Mode (Right Side):

  • Ability to add multiple codes
  • Ability to define anesthesia 
  • Text formatting and color
  • Possible add attachments?
  • Review panel (left side) Disabled

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 1.53.14 PM.png


Compose: Popup Mode:

  • In compose mode, have the ability to pop-out the compose notes UI so that you could change tabs to Restorative, perio, images, tx planning etc.

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 1.53.46 PM.png





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Its 2022 and there hasn't been much improvements to CN.  I like the suggestion views shown above (larger windows etc).  Where is SD with this?

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Canine II

We just started using notes and I am extremely unhappy.  The miniature text box doesn't allow you to (a) search by term (b) used different font or color to highlight important portions of the note.. The text box is ridiculously small and we are forced to either reduce our notes so that they are barely complete or wade through a ridiculous amount of garbage in a small box to find relevant information from a previous note.  


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First Molar I

What version are you on for Softdent?  We are on version 16.2.8 and have used clinical notes, successfully, many years.  The only issues are offices that highlight certain information or scan the information that we have to bring in through documents due to Softdent being a jpeg system.  Otherwise we enter our own notes or copy/paste from other offices.

I don't know if you are talking about the clinical images which does show the highlight information when you bring in an xray or photo.  Maybe you could elaborate??

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