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Collection Reports

What is the difference between an Accountant's Earnings Report and a Collection Summary? Should the totals be the same? If they are different what is the most accurate report to use to calculate a provider's what is the difference between an accountant's earnings report and a collection summary? Should the totals be the same? collection for a date range?

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First Molar I

Look at the details of the setup of each of those reports and make sure all the parameters are equal.  Sometimes one will exclude inactive accounts.  I’d check that first.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Let me tell you what each report does might help you decide.

1.  The accountant's earnings report displays a breakdown of transaction codes posted. Using this information, SOFTDENT Software calculates the net collections, net productions, net charges, tax, and expected income for the specified time period.

 Additional Accountant's Earnings Report Details

The first section of the report lists all transactions posted for the specified period, categorized by code number. It includes the codes, descriptions, number of times posted, and dollar total.

The second section of the report lists net collection and net production totals for the specified period, along with a tax summary. The tax summary only prints if you have tax enabled in the system settings, and it differs depending on the tax method your practice uses.

This report includes every transaction in the TRANS.DAT file, including dangling transactions. 

2. The Collection Summary Report shows collection amounts generated for the selected provider during a specific date range.

Think about these descriptions and you should be able to decide which one is what your looking for. 

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