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Canine II

Collections by Group or Employer

This there a report that would show the amount of collections from one Group number or one employer group?

Thank you

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Is the Report you are looking for? 

The Payment Allocation Report lists income breakdowns for providers or the practice for a specified time period.
Generating the Payment Allocation Report
To generate a Payment Allocation Report, perform the following steps.
1. Click Reports in the main menu bar.
2. Select 
Practice Management.
3. Select 
Production Reports.
4. Select 
Payment Allocation.asmith_0-1681475279693.png


5. Select the desired output option.
6. Click 
7. Enter the desired criteria on which to base the report.
8. Click 
OK to generate the report.
Additional Payment Allocation Report Information
For each provider, the report includes:
Direct income sources: Direct income is generated when the service provider and production doctor are the same.
Indirect income sources: Indirect income is generated for the production doctor when the service provider and production doctor are not the same.
Every transaction
Plan transactions for collection or collection adjustment information
All income is calculated by adding the production amounts and charges, adding or subtracting the production adjustments, and adding the tax for production amounts. The total amount of direct income sources is calculated by adding the cash and credit card payments and adding or subtracting the collection adjustments.
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