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Premolar I

Colors coding appointments in the schedule

We would like to be able to have colors available to assign to appointments in the scheduler. So at a quick glance you can see whose an initial patient, crown patient , ortho cleaning, Periodontal treatment patient, etc. It would be nice if each individual practice could customize those colors. We know procedures can be assigned a color, but we want the whole appointment to be that color. Just like when an appointment is confirmed or a patient is checked in, the whole appointment changes color.

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Premolar III

Let's say you have "checked in" as green, and "crown appointment" as blue. What color should a crown appointment be after that patient is checked in?

I'm not actually looking for an answer to that specific question, but if we can assign colors to procedures, we'd then have to set a color precedence (does checked-in override crown, or does crown override checked-in?).

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The color would be for those appointments for when you are viewing the schedule. When the patient checks in, changes location, or checks out those colors would stay the same. The additional colors would for being able to look at the schedule at a glance and knowing what certain appointments are without having to click on that appointment. Example: my hygienist don't like to do back to back periodontal treatments. So when looking at the schedule that week I would  see at a glance they have one scheduled already so I wouldn't put another one in their schedule. It would be nice if we had additional colors that you can customize. 

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