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Canine II

Covid-19 Billing

I was wondering if you could turn off your billing as long as our offices are closed.

Can this be done without having to send in a formal request to Carestream?

Dental offices especially those owned by individuals are under extreme financial duress and would appreciate any kind of help.

We have to all work together to flatten the curve.

Thank you for your kindest consideration.

Premolar II

Our office was closed for 8 weeks.  The staff was able to get unemployment but Dr did not get any relief.  I'm sure he would appreciate a break on a service he did not use for 2 months.

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I'll have someone from our team reach out to you.
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Hello John,

We're back in the office now, as of this week (June).  If the offer and/or discussion is still available, then I am available to chat.  Thanks.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for your question.  We had our team reach out to discuss options and assist. 

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I had to reread the question a couple of times .. I thought he meant the office in house billing, or Softdent's cycle billing, what is used to be called.

Then, I realized that he's asking for support billing and the like.  I would also second that request.  I had emailed Tyson ... but unfortunately many of the Support reps are on furlough ...

More specifically, Softdent support, Imaging support .... etc ...

Thanks John, et al ...


I'll have someone from the organization reach out to you.