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Canine III

Crazy and unacceptable

We are losing money by the minute. We've had to cancel patients and I can't even reschedule them right now. Is there a way to see our x-rays, etc. offline? We just upgraded less than a month ago. Seems to me we should get a refund for a days worth of revenue. Beyond frustrated.

Canine II

We have the same issue. Reapeated cloud outage. Couldn't work, lost revenue, staff sitting on the payroll doing nothing.
I wonder how can we get compensation for the lost revenue and business from softdent
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Community Manager
Community Manager

We apologize for the frustration and downtime the outage caused. We’re striving to be more transparent—any delay in communication is to ensure we’re providing our customers with the most accurate information. If someone from the team has not already reached out to you, please feel free to contact us at and we can discuss how to make the situation right.

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Canine II

We just moved to the cloud on October 29th and had a few days without issues and then today.  This is so frustrating.  If this continues, I will be demanding refunds.  Hope this is not a trend. 

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Get a refund and look for some other software. What a waste

Sorry to tell you that this has been a constant issue the last 3 months. Atleast 4 outages. Try to get your money back and run away. Many will be leaving carestream soon.
Canine II

Four days of lost revenue with Softdent in less than 2 months! Refund and reimbursement for all lost income and money to cover employee payroll should be expected!

Am I the only one that thinks we deserve a better explanation that a "security incident"?  What is truly going on, what was the incident, what are they doing to mitigate it since this is at least the 3rd time in 2 months this has happened.

Is it a security issue or is it a capacity issue?  Has the push to put offices on the Cloud exceeded their capability?  Are systems being purposefully taken off-line to deal with capacity issues during normal working hours instead of at night and on week-ends?  Is the "security incident" a convenient cover?

Bottom line: offices deserve better answers. 

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The functionality/capacity issue has always been a problem with crippling lack of responsiveness when using the program. It’s been this way for years and they have never been able to fix it. I certainly believe them that this is a security issue and they have no one to blame but themselves. The cloud platform has been running on an outdated and discontinued version of Windows 2008 server, that’s no longer supported by Microsoft on top of that they have an outdated Citrix platform that logs us into the “cloud” server. You can bet that this has a lot to do with all the performance issues we are seeing and now this 2nd security breach. It is certainly crazy and unacceptable, I have asked my rep and tech support for years when they were going to get rid of Win 2008 and address all the performance issues and nothing was done.

Amen! I don't even know what my schedule is tomorrow to cancel patients if we end not having access again. We are NOT happy.