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Canine II

Daily Schedule-patient notes/reminders


 We are no longer using paper notes pertaining to patients. We currently are using "Slot Notes" on the daily schedule for in office reminders and/or notes in regard to patients. We are trying very hard to remain HIPAA compliant with the daily schedule- Using the HIPAA option to show patient's First and Last initials. There is no way to "hide" the slot notes from view- if a patient should happen to look at the schedule ( as they sometimes do )  they can see the note.  You can not use patient initials in a reminder/patient note in the schedule.  The slot notes need to be hidden when choosing the HIPAA view option OR add a daily schedule note option- Like Dentrix has. Dentrix has a "note" button that you click on and a blank page opens up to add notes/reminders - for things that need addressed on that particular day.  

I called and spoke with a rep to see if there was something I was missing with the software. He stated no- and asked a few other reps. They all agreed- it was something that was needed!

Thank You

Karrie P- OM

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i found a way to have notes on the scheduler that are not directly visible 
when creating a note right click on an empty slot on the schedule then select add note 
a pop-up will open to add the new note , leave first line in the note empty , using enter then type your note 
change background color from that screen then click ok 
that will leave one colored slot on the schedule indicating that there is note here , double clicking on that slot will open the note screen to view\edit that note 

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