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Default file type when choosing to upload documents

Good morning Softdent warriors! I'm looking for a solution that saves me extra clicks every day. We upload a loooot of documents to patient files. Many of them are pdf's. The default setting for selecting the resource is "images" and in order to see the pdf files I have to click the drop down menu and select "All files". At this point I can select the pdf I want to upload into a chart. Did I say we upload a looooot of files? Is there a way to default the search box to the "All files" thus seeing both images and pdf's and eliminating clicks? This is a real nerdy question, but I know there is someone out there that knows the answer. 

Have a great day, friends. 

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Good afternoon!  I wish had better news, but unfortunately, there is not currently a way to default the file type to "all files" when uploading a document.  I am tagging our PLM, @Nina-Gilbert, on this post so she can see your request.  Nina - anyway we can put this on a road map to save @bgalofredds (and many other SoftDent users) a loooot of extra clicks?  

Have a great afternoon and keep the good questions/suggestions coming! 

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Thanks Danelle. I appreciate your investigation and any future changes that can be made. 

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