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Canine II

Deleting Ortho Claims

I keep having an issue with deleting Ortho claims that have been paid or do not have any charges attached.  For some reason, if we try to delete an Ortho claim that is sitting as an Outstanding Claim, even if it does not have a code in the claim, it will shut our system down.  I've tried to close the claim, but of course since it does not have a code attached, it won't allow the claim to close.   HELP!!!! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Deleting Ortho Claims

Hello @Sinie
Softdent is crashing because an ortho budget plan is attached to that claim. If you go to the patient’s transaction ledger and click patient budget plan you will be able to confirm the same claim number is attached to that ortho plan. The solution is to click the “reset ortho case” button  to unassociate the claim and then you should be able to delete the claim from the patient’s outstanding insurance window.

I am going to include @gcarter to this conversation as well, in case he has more to add. 

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