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Delta Dental ERA & EFT

We have been receiving Delta Dental ERA's into Softdent for over 5 years. In April 2020 we shifted from paper checks to their new EFT option. For two months we received everything electronically. The ERA's in Softdent documenting and EFT payment. We were able to use this information to electronically post all payments and write offs to each patient with the platform.  Suddenly on 6/25/20 we stopped getting any Delta Dental ERA's into our Softdent Electronic Claims Platform.  Anyone else have this problem? Delta Dental is telling me there is no way to send the ERA"s to Softdent if we have EFT. This makes no sense. So now we have to long in and print all claims from the Delta Website and then hand enter over 100 claims per day from Delta because we are not receiving any electronic ERA's into Softdent. 

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Premolar III

Re: Delta Dental ERA & EFT

We've had similar issues, not so much w/DD but with Cigna.  Sometimes it's as simple as timing.  In other words, the EFT comes into our bank account one particular day, and the ERA from Cigna comes in to us some days later.  We don't wait for the ERA ...

You can use the Bulk Insurance Payment screen to post those payments from Delta Dental.  That should make it easier for you in the long run.  Just make sure you put in the EFT insurance payment code, and then hopefully you have your insurance co's setup so there is a "master" DD in order for Softdent to pull in to the field all the appropriate claims for that specific DOS date range.

Obviously it would be nice and easy to use the ERA screen (especially when it comes to eob's), but sometimes it just doesn't work that way unfortunately.

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