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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Did you know... SoftDent Daysheet Details


Summary This report gives an overview of the day's finances, including all transactions posted, receivables totals, and the number of new and existing patients seen.  It also summarizes productions, charges, adjustments, collections, and receivables for any or all providers. Finally, it lists all checks for deposit and credit card charges. 

IS THIS THE FINAL DAYSHEET FOR THIS DATE? Checkmark for final Daysheet. You must run a final Daysheet at the end of every work day to ensure the accuracy of your receivables total and accounting reports. If you edit a past transaction, you must rerun a final Daysheet for that day to ensure the accuracy of your receivables total and accounting reports.

Output Options Printer, Preview, File, Excel

Description of Report Elements:
Daysheet/Transaction Summary – Lists the following information.

  • ID and Name – Patient or account ID and name. Transactions posted to the account will have the account's first name.
  • D$ – The collecting provider.
  • Dr – The service provider.
  • Code and Description – The posted transaction code and ADA description.
  • Prod – Dollar amount of production codes posted (codes 100.00+).
  • Charges – Dollar amount of charges posted (codes 61.00-95.89, 97.00-97.89, 99.00-99.89).
  • Prod Adj – Dollar amount of production adjustments posted (codes 40.00-60.00).
  • Cash – Dollar amount of cash payments (codes 1.00-1.89).
  • Check – Dollar amount of check payments (codes 2.00-10.89).
  • Credit – Dollar amount of credit card payments (codes 11.00- 20.89).
  • Pay Adj – Dollar amount of collection adjustments posted (codes 21.00-39.89, 96.00-96.89, 98.00-98.89).
    Summary at the bottom of page/end of list:
  • Total Tax on Productions and Charges – Dollar amount of tax charged (if the tax feature is enabled).
  • Today's Receivables – Total accounts receivables for the day, including payments posted to insurance plans.
  • Expected Insurance – Dollar amount expected from insurance based on today's productions, including expected write-off for PPO plans.
  • Expected write-offs – The portion of Expected Insurance to be written off. The expected write-off is stored with the transaction.
  • Transferred to Budget Plans – Total of any account balances transferred to a budget plan. These accounts were credited the transferred amount using code 60.
  • Patients – Total number of patients who have production posted for the Daysheet date.  
    When the Daysheet is run for individual providers, the patient is counted for the collecting provider and the service provider.  When the Daysheet is run for the practice, the patient is counted once, regardless of the number of production codes posted or providers seen.
  • New Patients – Number of patients with production posted for the Daysheet date, and whose First Visit date also matches the Daysheet date.
  • Charged to Budget Plans – Total of any amounts charged to accounts with budget plans using code 48.  The amount transferred to budget plans should equal this amount.
  • Electronic Funds Transfers – Number of transfers posted and the total dollar amount posted for reserved code 2.90.

Provider Summary – Lists the following information:

  • Dr – The doctor who collected/produced today's charges.
  • Provider – Name of provider.
  • Production$ – Total dollar amount posted for provider Dr$ who collects on production codes 100.00+.
  • Production – Total dollar amount posted for service provider Dr on production codes 100.00+.
  • Charges – Total dollar amount posted for Dr$ charge codes 61.00-95.89, 97.00-97.89, 99.00-99.89.
  • Prod Adj$ – Total dollar amount posted for Dr$ production adjustment codes 40.00-60.00.
  • Prod Adj – Total dollar amount posted for Dr production adjustment codes 40.00-60.00.
  • Tax – Total tax for today's transactions using Dr$ on transaction.
  • Collections – Total dollar amount posted for Dr$ collection codes 1.00-20.89.
  • Collect Adj. – Total dollar amount posted for Dr$ collection adjustment codes 21.00-39.89.
  • Receivables – The change in receivables for the day.

Deposit Slip – Lists the following information:

  • Page for all payments that need to be deposited at the bank.  Includes detailed list of checks/insurance checks.  You can  use this information when completing your bank deposit slip. Cash total is at the bottom.
  • Page for all credit card transactions.  Does not print if there are no credit card payments.
  • Page for all EFT transactions.  Does not print if there are no EFTs.
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@danelle_canales one suggestion to the daysheet:  treat "cash" transactions in a similar manner as EFT's.  In other words, if there are cash transactions, the daysheet produces a list of patients who paid in cash, and then totals the cash.  If no cash, then no report.

@drcavola, thanks for the feedback - I appreciate your willingness to provide suggestions that will make our program better.  I think I've heard this request before for the years.  Tagging @Nina-Gilbert so she can be made aware of your request.  Have a wonderful day!  

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@danelle_canales You're welcome.  No pun intended, but getting the EFT report and listing was like "pulling teeth" ... hard to remember how long ago EFT's started (back in the days when the "User's Meetings were in Atlanta), but whereas development did update the posting codes so that the deposit slips were accurate, they didn't provide any individual transaction accountability on the daysheet itself, only totals.

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