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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Did you know this about Budget Plans?

Sometimes patients just can't pay their balance in full. Sure there is Care Credit but if the balance is not as large have you considered a budget plan? SoftDent has the ability to create three types of budget plans. 

You can set up three different types of budget plans:

  • Account fixed loan budget plan: Applying an account balance or amount to a fixed loan budget plan enables you to define the amount, interest rate, and number of payments for the loan.

  • Account revolving credit budget plan: Applying an account balance or amount to a revolving credit budget plan enables you to define a credit limit, interest rate, and what portion of the balance is due each month for the loan. This plan is similar to using a credit card. Before you set up this type of plan, make sure that it is in compliance with state law.

  • Patient budget plan: Applying a patient procedural balance to a budget plan enables you to set up a regular payment schedule for the patient. Using patient budget plans for orthodontics enable you to create an orthodontics insurance case to track claim re-submissions. The charges are posted monthly. Patient budget plans do not accrue finance charges.

You can set up recurring credit card payments and automatically submit monthly credit card payments toward fixed loan account and patient budget plan balances.

Budget plan statements are sent monthly, in addition to regular account statements.

You can print coupons and even run budget plan reports.

To find out how to set up go to under Help>Contents>Budget Planning.