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Premolar III

Do you know about our local events?

We call them "Roadshows", but to our customers these are great opportunities to get some hands-on clinical chart training and get a chance to share your ideas on our next version.  

What to expect?

These sessions are in a classroom setting with 20-30 attendees.  They are hands-on and interactive, and typically run from 8:30 - 3:30, with lunch provided. 

What will you learn?

Discover the clinical charting features in SoftDent that make charting easier and more efficient. Learn how to create a detailed, thorough, accurate history of patient care using clinical notes. Find out how to Chart existing restorations,
post procedures, enter and schedule treatment plans items.  

In addition, you will learn about our latest SoftDent development efforts and we'll show you what's planned for SD version 17.  We are eager to get your feedback and hear your ideas....Product Managers and designers will be there!

Who should attend?

Dentists, assistants, hygienists, admin staff, everyone is welcome.  

Where will these sessions be held?

Our next session is in Cleveland, OH on June 16.  To get more info on this session and register, go to this link:

Future sessions:

August 18 in Denver, CO

October 20, Chicago

Date TBD northern CA

Date TBD south TX

Date TBD Florida

Info and registration links will be posted for these sessions as dates get closer.  

Hope to see you there!







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4 Replies
First Molar I

Re: Do you know about our local events?

I look forward to finding out the date and location for Florida!!

Canine II

Re: Do you know about our local events?

I hope to see one of this come to OKLAHOMA  

I attended one of this a few years ago and it was  great.

Canine II

Re: Do you know about our local events?

Any chance it will come t Southern Cali?

Premolar III

Re: Do you know about our local events?

Good morning Ana and Marica,

We held a session in OKC on April 22, 2016 and in San Diego on April 1, 2016.  Both of these events were packed, so we are definitely considering additional sessions in these areas.

Thank you,