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Canine II

Does anyone have problems running reports?

Whenever we run a report, whether it be a referral report, a treatment plan report or a recall report, SoftDent takes a looooooong time to run the report.  I mean, more than 15 minutes.  

Does anyone else have a problem with this?  If so, is there a solution?

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Speed issues, really vary from office to office.  I have seen every end of the spectrum.  It helps tremendously if you have a good IT person and a strong network.  When I train offices onsite I ask for access to the server (this way I can run what I need, quickly and not take away form the training) .  I also like to have a copy of excel on the server, as well and the ability to print.  

In some cases your IT person can add a shortcut to the server on a workstation (this helps for running reports and should only be used for this)

I find if you hardware tech reaches out to SoftDent support, then can work together to find a solution to speed up your system.


Canine II

Yes, we have this issue of slow running reports.  Particularly the Practice Management ones.  I have attempted to run them on the server however, they are not any quicker.  I'm wondering if mine may pertain to changes being made in accounts and then a new DaySheet not being run  every time after a change?  But I'm not sure...any help would be appreciated!  

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softdentgirl‌......any thoughts?

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Yes, workstations can be slow.  We run most reports on the server, because it will run so much faster.