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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Duplicating the last Perio chart -but making a few changes.

I know it's been discussed before - but lately I have been I am going to repost the tip.

If my patient comes in and has only has a few changes on their perio chart from the last one - can I copy the last one and just make a few changes?  The answer is yes!  Follow the easy steps below.

1.) Open the Perio Chart

2.) Click on the "New Perio Chart " Icon

3.) From the history drop down under "date of exam", select the previous date perio chart and change the numbers readings that needs to be changed.

4.) Switch back to today's date from the history drop down.

5.) You will be prompted to save changes , click Yes

A new chart with today's date will be saved showing the newly added\modified readings along with all previous readings from the selected old perio chart.

Hope this is helpful.