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Canine II

EOB Scanning - there must be a better way!

At the moment we are scanning each EOB into each patients account. 

  •  is there any way to crop EOBs with multiple patients once they are scanned? or do we have to finagle a way to only include each patient before we actually scan?

I've already read that people have made a shared folder on the desktop and organized it by date. Its unlikely that we'd transition to this considering how many eobs we've scanned by account, but further more, how does this work with EOBs that have multiple patients/Dates of service?



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First Molar I

We used to scan each EOB into each patient. And then Wendy, at one of our trainings, set us up so we could scan to desktop. We did not move EOBs from existing patients, we just deleted them after a year or two, in order to clean up the system. Sending them to desktop is SO much easier and cleaner. We post the check to a certain day and that's how you can look for the EOB if needed. We have two scanners at the front so the EOB folder is part of a shared document and therefore, both computers have access to scanning and to retrieve the information. Life is so much easier this way!

Use electronic EOBs, also known as ERAs.

In the simplest of terms, the insurance company generates a computer file with all the same info as an EOB and sends it to your clearinghouse. Your clearinghouse then sends it to your practice management software. You then can open the file, verify if it is accurate, and then choose to receive it. This results in an automatic posting to the patients account and closes the claim.
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