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Re: EServices issue

Hello Paul,

And thanks for the response.  Upon a quick check, I found 5 examples, I'll list the patient id below, of which we did the following:

a) submitted the original claim, on the original DOS,

b) resubmitted the original claim some few weeks later.

c) After finding out the payor id issue, we had to "cancel, resubmit new claim, and delete the old claim" process (old way of doing so, btw), and this was last week. All 4 pages worth of individual claims, I might add.

So by my count, there are three total submissions for each of the 4 pages or so of Delta patients.

Here are those 5 examples, by patient id #:

23001, 830302, 505801, 812901, 122305.


Dr. Ron Cavola


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