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Canine III

Editing Quick Letter on Softdent 19.0.0

I need to edit the statement of delinquency in my quick letters but do not see an option to do so.  Can someone help me find it?

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

How can custom quick or user defined quick letters be added in to CS SOFTDENT Practice Management Software - Versions 8.0 And Higher? How many custom quick letters can be added?

The following steps should be taken in order to add a customized Quick Letter to SOFTDENT Software.

Up to 10 Quick Letters can be added for use in SOFTDENT Software. Please note that adding Quick Letters requires opening SOFTDENT Software Utilities. SOFTDENT Software will need to be closed on all machines before proceeding.
  1. Close SOFTDENT Software on all machines.
  2. Open SOFTDENT Software Utilities on the server.
  3. Click Customize in the main menu bar.
  4. Select Define User Quick Letters.
  5. Select an unused Quick Letter spot to create a new letter, or edit an existing letter.
  6. If creating a new letter, enter a name for the letter.
  7. If creating a new letter, enter the text of the letter.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click Yes to save the changes.
  10. Close SOFTDENT Software Utilities.
  11. Open SOFTDENT Software to test the newly created letter.