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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Electronic Prescriptions Narcotics Outage 5/19/17 - 5/23/17

We have been notified by Verizon that they will be performing emergency maintenance on their global digital certificate infrastructure which EPCS users, and that the service will be unavailable from Friday May 19 at 10AM EST through Tuesday May 23 at 10AM EST. Doctors will not be able to submit an electronic prescription during this time frame due to this maintenance. Verizon has provided us with the following information at this time: 


  • Emergency maintenance required during the period Friday, May 19,10:00 am EDT to Tuesday, May 22, 10:00am EDT (timeframe subject to change) – Synchronoss will notify customers when service is restored. 
  • As of 09:58, May 19, 2017 US Eastern Daylight Time, EPCS transactions will be affected as follows: 

o Validation of digital certificates for electronic prescriptions of controlled substances will not be authorized and prescriptions will not be filled; 

  • Digital signature activity (DSS signing service) will succeed 
  • Verification of the signature will fail in all cases 
  • Registration of any new users will be queued up and will not be processed until Tuesday, May 23, 2017, 10:00am US Eastern Daylight Time 


  • We recommend using the manual prescription process until full service is restored 

o Doctors should submit prescriptions to patients manually 

o Patients should take prescriptions to pharmacy to be filled 

  • Doctors/patients in states that require electronic prescription process may not be able to fill prescriptions manually”. 


New York Practitioners please review the information below.  


NY Practitioner Notification Process - Use of an Electronic Prescribing Exception 

There are a number of exceptions to the electronic prescribing mandate which allow a practitioner to issue an Official New York State Prescription (ONYSRx) form, an oral prescription or a facsimile of a manually signed ONYSRx in lieu of an electronic prescription. 

Use of an exception to the e-prescribing mandate no longer requires a notification to the New York State Department of Health. However, the prescribing practitioner must indicate in the patient's health record when they issue a non-electronic prescription for one of the approved exceptions below: 

Temporary technological failure; 

Temporary electrical failure; 

To be dispensed by a pharmacy located outside the state, outside the country, or on federal property, including and not limited to the following examples; Veterans Administration, West Point, Fort Drum, and Indian Reservations; 

The practitioner reasonably determines that it would be impractical for the patient to obtain substances prescribed by electronic prescription in a timely manner, and such delay would adversely impact the patient's medical condition. 

A request for an Electronic Prescribing Waiver is not necessary for any of the exceptions above.


Change Healthcare will provide more information and updates as they become available to us from Verizon. 

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