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Our office converted from Computer Age Dentist to Softdent on 1/29/2019.  In CAD when will billed HMO insurance, we were able to post the transactions, zero out the amount and print the claim that is sent to the insurance with our UCR fee.  We are not able to do that now.  The patient ledger in CAD did not reflect the charges that printed on the insurance claim sent to the HMO plans.  Now the process is post the transactions, print the claim, go back and edit the transactions to reflect zero so that the patient ledger does not reflect charges.  Even if we adjust the charges off, it is still a step that have to be done after the claim is printed.  When I went to print the statements to bill the patients, over 600 HMO statements were previewed because they had balances.  We do not have 600 HMO patients that owe these balances.  The person posting cannot always remember to edit the transactions.  Please advise if there is a way to print the claims for HMO patients, but not have the transaction fee stay in the ledger.  Thank you. 

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee



Based on my understanding to your issue, and if you are just trying to make the patient balance stay at $0 after generating the claim. I would advise to create a Production Adjustment Code (Credit Adjustment) that you can use write-off the balance that was created by posting the procedures.

The Credit Adjustment Codes are in the range of 50.00 - 59.99.

You can simply create your own code for the HMO plans by going to List > ADA Codes > Highlight any code and click ADD > enter the desired code from the range above and give it a description to reflect the purpose of the code.

Once the code is created you can simply add the code to the patient ledger with the the same amount as the outstanding balance and that will keep the patient balance at $0.