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Canine II

How to create a contact list for a specific group

In our office we have a program for patients without dental insurance called Smile Program and I want to be able to create a recall list of those patients with the letter S in the user code for past due as well as future due. That way I can make sure I do not let someone slip through the cracks. These people are not pre-booked, they are my patients available for short notice openings in the month they are due. Is there a way to do this and can I name the List Smile Patients. I have only been a Softdent user for 2 yrs, I was a 30+ year Dentrix user. Any help would be appreciated. 


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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: How to create a contact list for a specific group

Good day Harlene,

Yes, you can apply patient user code S to these patients and when creating a recall report, you can include this user code. Unfortunately you cannot define user codes in Softdent. You would just have to know what user code S is being used for. 

Additionally, you could create a patient user selected report to show all patients that have user code S assigned to them. I hope this helps

Premolar II

Re: How to create a contact list for a specific group


You should be able to target those patients with the user code "S" within

SoftDent...or add user code "S" to more patients. All the steps below

should help you target those patients.

1. Open the information screen for the patient that the user code(s) is to

be applied.

2. Enter the desired user code into the 'User Codes' field located on the

right-hand side of the patient information window.

3. Click OK to save the added user code.

4. Close the patient information window.


Running the recall report to target those patietns with user code "S":

1. Click Reports and select Recall/Appt.

2. Select Hyg Recall.

3. Select one of the following and click OK:


Letter Expert



4. Select an output option and click OK. The proper output option related

to the option picked above (Postcards, Labels, etc) will be selected by


5. Select the range of "Patients Due to Receive Notices".

6. Enter the date range that patients were due in the "Dates" field.

7. Include any other options if necessary: user codes, providers, patient

names, etc

8. Click OK.

David McCrory| Technical Support Analyst

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