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How to create and e submit corrected claim form in Softdent

Hello, I would really appreciate it if anyone can suggest me steps to correct a claim form and re-submit to insurance using e-services. Thank you. 

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I'm assuming the changes are related to insurance company information .... if so, then the answer is easy and Softdent helps you by prompting you of the changes before submitting again electronically.  I'm also assuming that the claim is still outstanding, not deleted or completed, because that makes the task that much easier.

The steps are easy ...

1.  Make the necessary changes/updates to the insurance plan or the insurance company related to the patient and/or account

2.  Once complete, then click the option:  submit claim 

3.  Softdent will prompt you that changes have been made and if you want to continue.

4.  Click yes, and you're finished.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Insurance information is correct in the claim but the tooth number on the claim needs to be corrected. The insurance company has already paid for the wrong tooth number and has asked us to send a corrected claim form with the correct tooth number and they will adjust in their records. 

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If you need to scrap the claim all together and start over or you have forgot to add 1 last procedure;

Click List
Click Patient
Type Last/First
Press Tab
Click Transactions (Add/Edit or Fix desired transaction)
Press U for Outstanding Claims
Highlight Claim
Press V to View
Press C to Cancel
Click YES
Delete Claim - Click Yes
Close the claim Box
Press I to submit the insurance 

Enter date range or leave as is if correct /OK

Note CORRECTED CLAIM in the notes section, with a reference # or Claim # (if provided)

Follow Prompts

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Community Manager

@Anon @tsalcido @rhall any suggestions?

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