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How to track hygienist collection?

I was wondering how some of you track hygiene collection per hygienist? All hygienists have a provider number and tracking their production is easy.  However, we usually place the hygiene provider number in the production doctor and the doctor that did the exam in the collection doctor.  How does your office manage this? We would like to see collection per hygienist without losing the ability to track doctor collection. In order to file the claims correctly, the doctors name has to print as the provider.

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this is tracked easily in SoftDent,

if you have multiple providers;  it is recommended to add a "PRACTICE Doctor" (the Provider Type is set to practice) 

this provider number is assigned to all providers as the "INSURANCE FORM DR"  this will stop 2 insurance forms from being generated.

as for tracking hygiene collection, this is very easy in SoftDent 

Click List 

Click Provider 

Click The Hygienist 


set the collection DR to his/her #


Note 1: the ADA codes 120, 140 & 150 are not marked as Hygiene codes therefore the collect goes to the DR who did the exam 

Note 2: Hygienists only great credit for procedure codes marked HYGIENE CODES 


Great Wendy! So on the above example I should have a PRACTICE doc set up to assign the "Dr. on insurance forms?" Can I just enter the practice information? I have 3 different docs which is why I usually run into an issue here.  

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Hello Jessica,

Yes, if you Add a Provider with the Provider type 

you can select this provider as the insurance form Dr 

then go to 

Click System

Click Change System Setting 

Click Insurance 

Click the box to print practice information n the ADa form


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Just like a newly hired associate that may be paid on "collections", you have to set that particular hygienist in their provider screen to accept their own collections.  That way, you can track it as requested.

However, I would caution you doing so.  Not only on the posting of payments side of things going to much more complicated (as in posting in the account screen, and now ALL providers who accept collections will be listed and then the payments have to be distributed according to how Softdent suggests - or the user will have to distribute on their own.  In some offices, fee for service ones, it may not be a big deal, as most hygiene services would be covered at close to, if not, 100%.  But what if SRP, or some other hygiene services where deductibles are taken out .... get my drift?),  but also on the claim form you may have some issues where either TIN's are not correct, or NPI's, or any number of those situations.

We don't do it in our office, I think it would be not worth the effort.

Thank you Dr. Cavola.  I definitely see the issues that could arise here.  As much as I wish we were a fee for service office, we are not.  It would be complicated and give occasion for many errors.

Canine III

We have 2 docs and 2 hyg. When we post it automatically sets production to whatever #'s are in patient screen. Exam goes to #1 for doc and #5 (one of our hyg is #5) for prophy, bwx's, FL etc.. Then when we post a payment the portion that is for hyg collections get posted with that number, same for Doctor- they get the portion of the payment that is for exam.  Its one payment but breaks it into 2 pieces. Our hygienists have 2 numbers each, Melissa is #5 for Doctor Tim and #6 for Dr. Rose - that way we can tell production per Doc and per hyg. Hope this helps! 

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Thank you Nina! We have done something similar to this in the past. I was hoping to have a way to do it without creating so many provider numbers. With 3 docs and 5 hygienists it created too many posting errors.  People had trouble remembering to put the correct provider number into the appointment depending on which doc/hyg combo it was.  Thanks for your suggestion!

We have also experienced our staff having a hard remembering to post with correct #'s. We have each individual producing provider write their production on a paper copy of the schedule and make sure the production was entered correctly at the end of each day. Thanks! N 

No doubt , especially if you had two id numbers! 

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CS Dental Employee

This may be best addressed by one of our expert trainers softdentgirl‌ / d.canales‌ or if anyone else here has suggestions on how your office performs this task, please feel free to assist jesslingle‌.