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Canine II

Insurance Adjustments

Help! We participate with three insurance companies and I am having a hard time getting the adjustments to post correctly . I have called softdent several times and cant seem to get this resolved . Any help would be so appreciative ....

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Insurance Adjustments

Hello. Lets do a check list to make sure your set up properly. 

1. Enter the Allowance Table under List>Allowance Table

2. In List and Insurance Plan-Before you connect the Allowance table verify the plan is set to %PPO as estimation type. Make sure on the coverage tab the correct percentages are present. Ideally you would check write off at the time of service since you have entered in the fee schedule. {Located in the bottom left.)

2018-10-12 13_44_05-CS SoftDent Software v16.2.5.png

3. Connect the Allowance Table to the Insurance Plan under the Coverage tab located at the bottom2018-10-12 13_44_19-CS SoftDent Software v16.2.5.png

Bluebook should look like this:

2018-10-12 13_36_57-CS SoftDent Software v16.2.5.png

4. Once the table has been connected it's time to test on a treatment plan. Just add a couple of procedures you should see the break down.

2018-10-12 13_38_38-CS SoftDent Software v16.2.5.png   

**DO THE MATH- Insurance section is the write off + insurance pays total**


When posting an insurance check

1. Use the Payment window in the Transactions. You should see it under options.

2. When you enter the insurance check there should be a write off already showing. 

2018-10-12 13_42_01-CS SoftDent Software v16.2.5.png

 Most of the time if you start from the beginning you can find why your adjustments are not posting correctly. Start here and let us know.

Canine II

Re: Insurance Adjustments

Thanks I will try this and see if it works

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