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Insurance Checks Posted not on Deposit Slip

Last week, after posting Insurance checks I received through the mail, I printed the 'Insurance Payment Distribution' report to verify that I balanced. I noticed that I didn't balance, so I went back through my payments and verified that all the payments posted were under code 2.98, I also verified that they were posted for the correct date (01/11/23). They are all posted correctly and the crazy part is that they do show up on my deposit slip; HOWEVER, they are not adding into the Register report, so it too doesn't match. The Doctor called support Friday & the rep argued with him stating that I must not have posted them under the correct code.  When he explained that he they were indeed posted correctly, she continued to state that the 2 reports would never balance. Which we all know is not correct, but I digress..... 

Recap - Why are the insurance checks that were posted, not showing up on my reports and now I am not balancing.

I have verified that they are all posted under the code 2.98, which we have used since day one. I have also verified that they are posted to the correct date (01/11/23). I even deleted a payment and tried to repost it and it still didn't show up. 


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First Molar I

@JulieCobb with respect, if you are posting a "tangible" insurance check(s) via mail, attached to an EOB, then you should just use code 2 - insurance payment.  Any of the insurance payment codes 2.9x are various forms of electronic insurance payments, none of which will show up on your check deposit slip on the daysheet, by design and accuracy.  I don't recall specifically that code 2.98.  Is it a code that your office created?  Did you try to run a Transaction Report by Code for that specific code?  

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Hi Julie,

We need more information to figure out what is happening in your data. I have tried to recreate what you describe and so far have not been able to do so. I have a few questions for you.

1) Are you running a Final Daysheet? The reason I ask is because registers are using the RCVTOT file; and that file is updated when you run the FINAL daysheet. 

2) What are you comparing your Insurance Payment Distribution report to? Are you totaling up the insurance check payments manually and then making sure the total matches the Insurance Payment Distribution report?

The register and deposit slip will not match the Insurance Distribution report totals because they also include other forms of payments. 

3) Have you tried running the Transactions for a period report for just your insurance payments? Does that match the Insurance Payment Distribution report? Reports>Accounting>Trans for a period   - Set the date range to just that one date and then set the codes to just the code you use for Insurance check payments

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Thank you so much for responding! I should have deleted my question as I had a tech from SoftDent call me. He was wonderful & was able to fix the glitch we had. There was a utility that had to be run by Softdent. Thank you again for taking the time to reach out to me!