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Insurance Retraction

Hi there, I'm wondering if there is a certain way to handle retractions to insurance companies? For example, Excellus originally paid $11.06 for a DOS back in January. I received a check today and they are taking the $11.06 back and paying $6.91 instead.

What I did was used a code (we created years ago) that says retraction to ins ($11.06) which debits the account and then add a primary insurance payment (with no claim attached) for $6.91 which credits the acct. That makes the account add up correctly balance-wise, but does not calculate the check on the daily register as the -$11.06 is not accounted for.

Is there a code to just document the difference to make the checks balance with the daily register? I called customer service and the man I spoke with told me to use a write-off code but again, that does not show on the checks section of the register. Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks!

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Re: Insurance Retraction

@Anon @tsalcido any suggestions? 

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Re: Insurance Retraction

Makes sense to me ....

They way I'd suggest is the following:  Leave Jan alone ...You've hopefully ran the final day sheet for that day and consequently the end of the month all without issues.  No reason to add additional work (that would be changing the transaction in Jan., rerunning the day sheet, and then the end of the month to make the AR accurate).  The check register should be correct for that day for that posting.

Current day - post the current check so that today's check register and deposit slip are correct.  There should be no claim to attach since Jan' posting completed the claim.  Then make the corresponding debit balance with notes in the transaction field so someone else who's looking in the future will understand.  What to do with the balance now of $4.17?  Are you going to "write off" the new balance?  Or collect from the patient.  In our office, we'd collect from the patient.  But, we are FFS.

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Re: Insurance Retraction


I agree with Dr. Cavola below; in addition I would like to talk to you and offer a few suggestions. please email and we can set a time to chat.   I have a document that I can email you to assist. 



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