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Premolar III

Is this the FINAL Daysheet?

Most, if not all, SoftDent practices run the Daysheet to review charges, payments, & adjustments at the end of each day; it's an essential part of balancing and closing out the business.  However, many practices fail to run the Final Daysheet. This little checkbox on the Daysheet selection criteria dialog box is very important to the health of your SoftDent financials. 

The Final Daysheet option adds the day's financials to your existing A/R, without it your financial reports may be incorrect.  Below is a picture of the Daysheet dialog box with the FINAL box pointed out.

Here is an example of an interim Daysheet, followed by a Final Daysheet.  Notice that today's receivables have been added to the A/R total in the second picture.  May 18th is now finalized for this practice. 

If you have not been running Final Daysheets on a regular basis, our support team can help you get things back in balance.

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Canine III

Is there a report to run to see if a daysheet is not final?  We check our ending AR against teh previous day but noticed on hte Receivable breakdown report it says figures are inaccurate, make sure all final daysheets have been run

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Hi Michelle,

It sounds like a final daysheet was missed somewhere along the line.  There is no report to find these, but support does have a utility to locate and finalize any that are missing.  I will have a case opened for you.



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Thanks Jeff but I ran the accounts receivable break down and noticed there were two days that were not finalized so the problem is corrected thanks again for all your help.

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First Molar I

Our office uses the Report Manager to help automate that process.  We specifically have our daysheet set up in those reports so that the 'final' box is checked.  However, just because you run a "final" daysheet, that does NOT preclude you from EVER making a change.  Softdent will notify you if you are making a change, adding, or deleting a transaction on a day in which a final daysheet has been run.  In addition, once a change is made, then you MUST run the final daysheet for that specific date again, thereby keeping the AR accurate.