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Canine II

Manually vs End of Day Clinical Notes

I know that there are two options for posting clinical notes;

  1. Note added manually from the chart.
  2. Post End of Day Notes

With option 1 - manually adding notes, then the clinical note does not get assigned to those procedures that were performed that day.  Therefore, when the treatment is posted or when going to see if you have completed the notes for all of your patients for the day, the patient will still show up as "missing" a note or having a note unassigned.  

If you use Option 2, then you can't start the note until after the treatment is posted and sometimes I want to be able to start my note to write special findings during the procedure so I don't forget them.  But this would all need to be done before the treatment is posted.  

Has anyone found a good flow on how to post clinical notes so they are assigned to the treatment performed that day if you post the notes manually?

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Have you tried the option to post treatment from the clinical setting instead of waiting until the patient has been checked-out at the front desk? Posting treatment in the back is not the same as check-out. You would not collect payment or file an insurance claim. It is simple to post and you can make sure that everything performed is posted. The front desk team can still review the posted transactions during check-out.     

While on the restorative tab go the Common toolbar. Click on the "View patient's appt for today" button. The button is a folder with a red check on it. Review the treatment performed, the tooth numbers, surfaces, and providers. Edit as needed. And then click Post. 





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First Molar I

@waningerdmd The first thing I'd check is to make sure that for EVERY transaction code you want a clinical note, that the option/box is checked as such.  Sometimes, those codes appear (new, or never tweaked to your office) and if the option/box is not set for adding a clinical note, it certainly won't when posted.

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