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Premolar III

Merging insurance plans

I recently watched the recorded webinars for setting up insurance. We are currently cleaning up the existing insurance plans.

I'm merging one plan with another plan. It's been running for over 5 minutes now. Is this normal? I can't do anything else in the software right now.

I tried calling support, but the "estimated wait time is in excess of 30 minutes". 

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Merging insurance plans


Here is the official steps to combine insurance plans: 

1. Click List in the main menu bar.
2. Select Ins. Plan. The Insurance Plan window is displayed.
3. Highlight the duplicate insurance plan to be removed from the system.
4. Click Replace Plan ID on the Express Bar. The ReplacePlan ID Dialog window is displayed.
5. Select the plan ID that will replace the duplicate plan from the drop down menu.
6. Click OK. The utility will replace all instances of the duplicate plan to be deleted with that plan id that will be kept. Please note that it may take several minutes for the utility to complete. Once complete, the original duplicate plan ID will be removed from the system.

I notice in step 6 it says this may take several minutes.  I have found this to happen specifically on workstations.  If possible, combining insurance plans seems to work best on the server (similar to running a utility) because you are working "at the source".  Is it possible for you to combine insurance plans on the server - or perhaps another workstation that can be left to process for several minutes at a time? 

I hope this helps! 


First Molar I

Re: Merging insurance plans

Do it on the will run MUCH faster!!

Premolar III

Re: Merging insurance plans

Those are the exact steps I followed. I will try doing it on the server instead of a workstation next time. Thanks for the help!