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Microsoft Excel Opens In Background

Hello, we are using Softdent version 14.2.8.  When I click on certain reports on this version, Excel opens in the background even before I have chosen an output option.  I only print reports to PDF or to Print Preview, so I'm not sure why Excel is opening.  And my settings for 'System > Printer and WP' are set to our PDF printer, just as in the previous version.  Any thoughts?

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Re: Microsoft Excel Opens In Background

It was nice talking to you earlier today Suzanne 
posting this for future reference if needed after diagnosing the problem we found out it is a corrupted windows user and registry keys 
created new local windows user and renamed infosoft keys  from HKLM and HKCU fixed the issue on the new user 
the old user still replicating the issue even after the keys were deleted 

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