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Canine II

Mismatch on write off window

  I had reported to SoftDent previously that when applying an insurance remittance, I would override the write-off amount (never correct for Delta Dental because of MN Care Tax).  For example, SoftDent wants the number to be a $279.20.  I rekeyed the amount to match the ERA to $272.29.  Then the next window in which you update the write-off for each transaction code and hit ok, you get an error message that says there is a mismatch and SoftDent puts the amount back to what it wants.  In the past you couldn’t get past this screen until you put in $0 write off, and went into the detail screen and put $0 on every line.  Then once posted you had to add another transaction to create the write off to match the ERA. Now (versoin 19.1.1) will allow the mismatch to go through and post the amount you entered at the detailed level.

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