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Canine II

NEA Attachment issues

Occasionally I have a claim that will not let me create an attachment for that claim.  I have even tried to go in after the fact and create an attachment for a pending claim and never get that option.  I have to missing something.  This issue is not insurance company specific-its very random.  

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hope you find this helpful 

There are few points to look at
1 – Attaching NEA Payer information to the Insurance Company

2- Checking Insurance Plan Options Ensure that "ECS Capable Primary", "ECS Capable Secondary", and "ECS PreAuth" are checked.

3- ESC Plan Type not set  in "Claim Filing" tab. In the ECS Plan Type drop down menu, select the correct ECS Plan Type

4- Any outstanding claims added prior to specifying the NEA Payor would need to be cancelled, deleted and resubmitted in order to "Create NEA Attachments" for that claim

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