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Premolar II

Not the final payment

This may seem very basic but I can't find the answer under Help.  When you are entering a bulk insurance payment, there is a * next to the patient's name.  The notes say that the * means that this the final payment for this claim.  I have a paid claim that is not the final payment because one of the items in the claim needs to be re-filed.  How do I remove the * or do I have to create a whole new claim for the piece that needs to be re-filed?

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You do not have to create a new claim.   Left click on the patient whom's claim has not been completed within the list and within your blue 'options' bar (to the left or right of your screen)  you will see an choice called "Mark as Final Payment."   Click on "Mark as Final Payment" and this will remove the asterisk (*).    Hope this helps.

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