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Canine III

Outstanding Insurance Claims report

On the Outstanding Insurance Claims By Company report I am customizing the fields as I want the report to search, changing the field under "list claims older than" to 21 days and the report still gathers claims newer than my date range. I have no clue as to why this is happening or how to fix the problem. 

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Please keep in mind everything is connected.

There are several steps, you need to do before running that report, Example if you have claims waiting in the batch or to be sent electronically SoftDent holds those claims as a high number, in previous versions of SoftDent the # was 32,766, 9999 and now ***, so if you run the outstanding claims report for over 30 days these patients will show up. It does this so they don't slip through the cracks.  To get the Clean report simply follow the steps below

  • Print the un-submitted claims report, submit all necessary claims (01/01/00-today) do not include preauths
  • Click Insurance, Count of forms not Printed, if any matches print batch Claims
  • Print Batch Claims, Click Insurance, Click Print Batch Claim

  • Submit Any Claims Waiting in the ECS Batch
  • Post All Insurance Payments that you have in the office

  • LAST, Run The Outstanding Claims Report By Company, over 21, un-check Preauths