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So a patient calls and gives me some information, I would normally go write it in the patients cart - this is general good need to know info for anyone that my pull the chart up next... and this pt. may not have an appointment made. Does anyone have a good idea of where to add a note like this to the computer chart. Such as "patient called in inform she is 3 weeks pregnant" or "patient is requesting 4 month cleanings instead of 3" etc. I was hoping there would just be a log somewhere under there chart where I could just keep an on going front desk chart notes... 

thank you.

First Molar I

Team talk is great suggestion for items that "everybody" practice needs to see.  However, you can also utilize Contact Notes on the patient screen.  All Contact notes on the patient screen are visible from the Account screen.    

First Molar I

Do you ever use Team Talk?  That's where we would put info like this. You can select at which point you want to have it pop when you enter the chart or transactions, etc.  You can select if it will pop up for the patient or the account.  There are also parameters you can set so that it pops up for a period of time or always....that's the one we use.



I can't believe we haven't used this! This is great, thank you!

The drop down templates are modifiable as well.
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