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Canine II

Patient account

I deleted a patients account by accident thinking I was inactivating it.  Is there a way to bring the account back up?

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Canine III

Re: Patient account

Hopefully you are able to get this worked out.  Just a suggestion to anyone at Carestream for this issue, the "delete" tab is in a rather dangerous place, right next to edit in the patient info tab, which we use everyday.  It should be somewhere that makes it very intentional to delete an account, rather than a possible accidental click.  Thankfully it makes you confirm the delete or there would probably be a lot of situations like this. 

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Patient account

Hello @trubino 

If you deleted the patient, then no that patient cannot be retrieved without restoring a backup (which would overwrite data in other places within SoftDent). If you deleted the patient's account, we can add the account back for that patient so that the patient will be linked to an account again. 

Carestream has always had an option to delete patients/accounts on the screen but we suggest setting up system security so that not all users have this user right within the software. If "Delete" is accidentally clicked, you should get this screen: 


I would hit cancel on this screen unless your goal is to absolutely delete the patient and/or account.

@bausdental You're correct! By default, after clicking "Delete" the radio option for Mark Account/Patient Inactive is selected so if you were to hit "OK" too quickly after this it would only inactive them. This is to help avoid accidental deletions. Hopefully this helps, @trubino 🙂

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