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Canine II

Patient information screen

With the changing of the way people live, we need to add to the person's marital status in addition to single, married, divorced, widow, now to add significant other. Also how does one deal with those that are do we list that person...male or female?

On the account screen, under the heading of Employment/School, there should be a box for unemployed (and not old enough to be retired).

As I think of other ideas, I will submit them and hopefully CS will make the appropriate changes.

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Premolar III

cntrydds1​ Hello Dr. Scott, thank you for starting this discussion.  Newer versions of SoftDent allow "unknown" for both sex and marital status.  While this is not a perfect solution, I think society is evolving quickly on these issues and we can make changes to the product as we progress.

I agree completely on the need for a way to record "unemployed" as an employment status.  Maybe the better way to address this would be to remove the checkboxes and create a field for Employment/Student status with a dropdown list to include all possible situations. 

Thanks again for the post!