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Canine III

Patient search by phone number


Is there a way to search for patients by home or cell phone numbers?

Thank you!

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Premolar III

I run the alphabetical patient report every once and awhile and saved it to an excel file. I can then use that file to search for phone numbers.

I believe an "easier" way would be to use the "user-selected" patient reports.  Set up one by clicking the box for phone number, put that number in, save report as "patient phone number", and then run.  Next time you need to search, just enter the new number, save and run.  Hint:  it's best to run on the server, if possible, as some practice's patient data can be quite large, so if running on a workstation, it may take a while.

I agree that searching for the patient by phone number within SoftDent would be ideal, but running that report is slooooooooooow. I just print to Excel every now and then (once month, maybe), and not only is it very quick to search that file, I don't have to go to the server to do it.

Until the Patient List allows us to search by phone number, I'll be sticking with Excel.

Canine II

Apologies, these steps are applicable for R4+ users only. 

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Canine II

Patients can be searched by Phone or Mobile number through a query, but few more clicks will be required.

1 - First create the relevant query via Query Wizard



Following are the steps to create the query.

 After selecting the "Query Wizard" button

1 Select "New Query" 

2 Click on "Start", Select Patients and click "NEXT" button

3 Select criteria and select the first option "that have certain [attributes]

4 Click on "Specify Attributes" button

5 Select "Mobile Number" or "Email" or any other appropriate field from left side (Mobile Number will be under "Address" section"

6 CheckBox under "Ask" should be filled and leave other areas as the default.

7 Press OK ... Finish... Save As New... give the name eg; "a-SearchByMobileNumber" ('a' will list the query on the top)

Close the Query screen



Now query should be saved and will be accessible from "Query in Operation"





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