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Posting no-fee transactions

What do other offices do to post no-fee transactions?  Each of these have slightly different circumstances/needs:

1) Denture adjustments (5410) within the first 6 months of a denture delivery: we don't bill insurance for these, but I would prefer not to rely on staff to zero-out the fee and/or uncheck the insurable box. 

2) Redoing a crown (or other lab case): if we get a lab case back from a lab and for whatever reason it needs to go back, a new lab case would need to be "opened" in SD, but we don't charge for the crown again.  Or redoing a filling within 2 years of initial fill, etc.

3) Multi-appointment procedures, such as dentures, that have different "stages" that would each prompt a lab case to be opened or closed, but we only bill the patient/insurance once.  

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First Molar I

Re: Posting no-fee transactions

Hi Suzanne,
I hope my response is helpful.
My numbered answers, coordinate to your question numbers.

1.) A modifier code for 5410 would be helpful. Example: 5410.2- 6 month Denture Adj. Creating a modifier code for this procedure in office would allow you to then deselect the "submit to insurance" button within the created ADA code. This will solve your problem. If you need help w/ modifier creation feel free to contact me.

2.) Under the Patient's Transaction Screen, Hit Ctrl L, this will open up all lab cases for your patient. Here, you can add a new lab case.

3.) Again, modifier codes will help you here, as each code in that range can Open or Close a Lab case.

Please feel free to reach out to me and I can easily walk you through this. SD has amazing capabilities! you just have to know how to use them.
Premolar II

Re: Posting no-fee transactions

We do the same thing.  We use modifier codes for procedures that are in the same category but we want to post with different charges or no charges.