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Premolar III

Re: Printing a Tickler File report

yes, we know ;). How we wish that more offices would have made the switch over to SD Scheduler ... instead some of us on this version are now the cousin no one wants to pay attention to 😉
CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Printing a Tickler File report

We definitely don't want our "cousins" to feel unattended, therefore I have some suggestions:

1.  The classic schedule does have a "SORT BY:" option within the TICKLER file itself which includes the following:

[   ] Date Filed          [   ]  Name          [   ] Dr          [   ] Length          [   ] Short Calls


2.  I would also suggest printing the Tickler File report to the CONTACT EXPERT.   This will also give you the opportunity to work your magic on getting those patients back in the office.  

I hope this helps!