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Provider has disappeared from scheduler/recall appts

My hygienist has noticed that she has "disappeared" from the scheduler that we all use.  She also usually makes recall appointments while in the patient's chart -and she is not able to do this because it throws her in to a different appointment book.  Any suggestions on where we should look to correct this?  This problem follows her log in-as she has tried to log off and go back in on another computer and it remains the same.  Any suggestions?

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this might be caused by incorrect employee or provider default books 
1- list , employees , edit the affected user , check default book ID 
2- list , providers , edit the affected provider or the default dentist for that patient , check the sched book ID 

make changes if needed 

i called the office to get more information, this was a unique issue where the default books settings are ok but the columns columns headers are incorrect ,  found out it is a corruption in user`s files 
deleted user0044.sdp and xml from server to reset these files 
fixed the issue 

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I will reach out to your office.  If anything else happens, just let me know during the call.

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