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Premolar III

Re-filing a claim via US Mail

Sometimes we need to refile a claim that was originally filed by mail (not electronically). Often when we do that, I get the message "This claim was sent electronically. Re-submit again?". 

The claim was originally sent by mail, and the yellow Status tab has the ECS box unchecked.

The only way I can resubmit via mail is to delete the claim and start over.

What are we doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Re-filing a claim via US Mail

dmccrory‌ or ricsheika.branch‌ either of you have suggestions?

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Premolar II

Re: Re-filing a claim via US Mail


That is the correct procedure for resubmitting a claim. I have re-listed

those steps here:

1. From the main menu, select List.

2. From the drop down menu, select Patient.

3. Highlight the patient and select Transaction from the patient window


4. From the Transaction window, select Outstanding Ins.

5. Highlight the desired claim.

6. From the Outstanding Ins window Toolbar, select View Claim.

7. From the Express Bar Options List, select Cancel Claim.

8. You will receive a prompt: "Cancelling claim. Are you sure?" select Yes

to cancel the claim.

9. You will receive another prompt: "Delete claim?" select Yes to delete

the claim.

10 Close the Claim window.

11. From the Transaction window Express Bar Options, select Submit Ins to

resubmit the claim.

12. You will receive a dialog box to: "Submit transactions between: Start

date and End date" select OK.

13. The claim now has a new claim number. Select OK.

14. You will receive a prompt: "Do you want to submit electronically",

select OK.

**IF you don't want to do those steps above, you can also uncheck and

recheck insurable for each transactions for the claim in question. This

short cut will recreate another claim.**

David McCrory| Technical Support Analyst

Carestream Dental LLC

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Premolar III

Re: Re-filing a claim via US Mail

If the proper way to refile a claim is to delete the claim and basically start over, why is there a First Sent and Last Sent field on the yellow status tab? When refiling a claim works properly, which is most of the time, those fields are quite useful.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Re-filing a claim via US Mail

Hi Brenda

I have a alternate way to Resubmit Claims but by date range or First Sent Date. Follow the steps below:

1. Click Insurance in the main menu bar.
2. Select Resubmit or Delete by Age.
3. Select the option to "Resubmit Claims".
4. Select the types of claims to resubmit:

  • Paper
  • ECS Only
  • All

5. Within the "Process all claims with" drop-down menu, Select "First Sent Date" or "Last Sent Date" depending on the needs of the office.
6. Two options are available, claims may be submitted if they are older than a specific amount of days or they may be resubmitted if they fall within a specific date range.  Choose the necessary option and fill in the required information before continuing.
7. Click OK.
8. Click Yes when prompted to process.
9. Allow the re-submission to complete.

Let me know if this helps
(This will be used for more than on claim For single claim follow David McCrory post)

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Canine II

Re: Re-filing a claim via US Mail

When I am following up on my claims at the thirty day mark, I will send a follow up insurance letter, which is under letters and labels when you are on the patient.  I go to the quick letters, to Insurance Inquiry. This enables you to print a letter including the date you first sent the claim, and it also prints a copy of the claim.  Once this is done, you will see the last sent field on the claim, has changed to the date you sent the follow up letter.  This way you are not sending another claim, just following up on the one you sent.

Premolar II

Re: Re-filing a claim via US Mail

This is fantastic - I was not aware of this option!