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Canine II

Remove crown from removed implant

Today I learned I can post a 6100 to remove an implant graphic from the chart.  Unfortunately I cannot remove the crown that was cemented on the implant even though I clicked the button on the box as is pointed out on the screen below.  How do you do it?


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Premolar III

Re: Remove crown from removed implant

Hello drandolina‌,

The ability to remove existing work was your idea, so thank you for that!'s a tease, we put the checkbox on the screen to hold the spot while the coding was being completed.  We would normally hide an option like this until all coding was done, but we messed up and left it visible.  So it doesn't do anything at this point, but there is good news, it will be done in version 16.2.8 which is targeted for June 1.  

Thank you,


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