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Canine II

Removing weekends from the scheduler

Is there a way to remove Saturday and Sunday from the scheduler view? Our office is not open either of those days and we would like to remove them from the schedule.

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Re: Removing weekends from the scheduler

Hi Julie 

  1. Click Scheduler in the main menu bar.
  2.  Select Set up Books.
  3. Highlight the book the user is currently using and click Assign Rooms in the express bar. ( or Click Add to create a new Custom book set up book title and range of hours for book then click OK )
  4. Click Next.
  5.  Select "The rooms will depend on the day of the week" radio button and select Next.
  6. Check the day to add or remove the room from and click Next.
  7.  Select the rooms to appear on the Selected day.
  8. Click Next.  Repeat this process for any other days needing rooms added/removed.  (M-F)