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Reports: Specific Patient Information

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We see some Orthodontic patients in our office and I need to run a report that tells me how many are adults vs. adolescents. We can run by Ortho codes, but I can't figure out how to get a list of patients with these codes that shows their birthdays or age. Is there a way to create such a report?

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Re: Reports: Specific Patient Information

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i would use Reports , patient , user selected 
click ADD , name the report then OK 
click on trans/category tab 

double click on code in "transactions included " - highlighted in blue in the snap -
in Op select EQ then value 1 select an ortho ADA code , then OK 

switch back to the info tab - note the X next to some of the fields that X means this field value will show on the final report you can add or remove the X by double clicking on the field name then check or uncheck print - 
one of these fields is Age double click on age and select print or

if you want to know how many are over ex 21 years select Op GT   value 1   21 

then OK and Ok again to run the report , let it run then yes to print then select the output option 
you can re-run same report and use OP LE  value1 21 for younger than 21 

some additional info to understand user selected reports 

User Selected Reports - Tips 

SoftDent: User Selected Reports (Field/Variable Explanations) 

you're sure welcome to send me a phone number to call the office to set this report up if i was unable to make useful notes in here 

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