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Reports according to ICM

Our office uses ICM2. If an account was changed or created with ICM1 or ICM0 is there a report to find these accounts? If not how do we fix any incorrect ICM accounts to all read ICM2?

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Yes, there is a report you can run to find accounts not set to your desired ICM setting. For those that do not know ICM stands for Insurance Calculation Method. 

  1. Go to Reports>Accounts>User Selected. 
  2. Click Add and give the report a name. I called mine ICM.
  3. Double click the line for Insurance Calculation Method
  4. Set operator to NE for "Not Equal" to. And then enter 2 in the value.
    • this will catch all accounts that are ICM 0 or ICM 1. 
  5. Put an X in the box to print.
  6. Double click next to any other piece of information you wish to have included on the report and place an X in the print box. See a screen shot of my set up below.  🙂

ICM 0: Bill entire amount at date of service regardless of insurance coverage. You can still file a claim. But entire balance will age from date of service. 

ICM 1: If patient has insurance coverage, do not ask the patient to pay anything until the claim has been completed. Once the claim is completed begin billing and aging any left over balance from that date forward. 

ICM 2: Splits the difference. Ask the patient to pay their estimated portion at date of service and age just their portion if they do not pay that amount. But the estimated insurance amount is not billed to the patient until the claim has been completed. Then the left over amount will begin to age from the date the claim was completed. This is why sometimes you will have parts of a balance from the same procedure aged differently.