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Canine II

Rights by User

Suggestion for improvement.  Rights by User (permissions) should include the ability to restrict users from scheduling appointments/cancelling appointments.  Editing treatments in the appointment card is desirable for all providers, but not all employees should be able to move dates and/or times.  In our office we prefer that only the receptionists make and change appointments.  We do not want the hygienists to be able to swap (unlikable) patients appointments, change patient order, etc.  I would imagine that some offices prefer that certain hygienists be able to make their own appointments - and only their own appointments.  Limiting the permissions of who can do what with appointments would be very desirable.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @PepinDDS

Under system security, unchecking the box for Edit mode in the Scheduler (shown in the screenshot below) will allow the user to view the scheduler, but nothing else. Would that help with what you are trying to accomplish? 

Also, we have a job aid that may be useful to you, it lists all of the Rights by User options. You'll find it attached to this post,