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Schedule name changes

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We had a new Dr. start and I figured out how to change the name on columns for every day. However - there is one day a week I need a name to show on a column. I cannot figure out how to change the name without it showing every day. Is there a way to only have it show on Monday's, that is the day that our other dr. will be here. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Schedule name changes

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Good morning! 

The name is tied to the column itself, so as you have discovered, changing it once changes it for every day.  The easiest thing to do would be to add a small note (right click, "Add Note", type desired info "Dr. X working today", change to desired color for background and font, click OK to save) to the top of that column, perhaps the slot right above the start of your business hours, then mass copy that note out to future days when the provider is working.  

Using the "Setup Goals and Colors" feature under the Scheduler menu from the main screen will allow you to copy the note to a specific future date or dates so you do not have to keep manually adding it.  Please take caution when bulk copying notes/blocks, because while we can easily add them, they are not as easily deleted and would need to be removed one at a time (or have support run a utility to remove) if the situation changes.  

Hope this helps!  Have a great day!