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Canine II

Scheduler checked in appointment changes to late arrival

In Softdent, when you check in a patient the color changes to light blue but if the appointment sits idle (back office does not get into chart right away) the color changes to grey like the patient is late for their appointment.  The time from which it goes from blue to grey has seemed to decrease.  If no one goes into the patient's chart with in 10 minutes the appointment changes color.  This is an issue because the back office may think the patient hasn't arrived. Lets say the patient shows up 15 minutes early and the front office checks them in. 10 minutes later the color goes to not checked in grey and it looks like the patient hasn't arrived.  By the time of the patient's actual appointment it looks like they are late when really they have been here for 15 minutes waiting.

Does anyone else have this issue?

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Good day Kelly.

First, lets make sure that the schedule is set to refresh. Go to system>>startup preferences. Next, ensure that the refresh rate is set to at least 1 (see attached screenshot below). If set to 0, the scheduler will not automatically refresh which can be part of the issue.

Next, if the number of minutes of what SD considers to be a late appointment is less than what is expected, go to reports>>practice management>>patient visit statistics>>properties. Once there you can adjust what SD will consider to be a late and even a very late appointment. (see attached screenshot below)

I hope this helps

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My Exclude late arrival patients from the computation is checked, does this matter at all?

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