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Canine III

Scheduler columns repeatedly out of order

Does anyone know how to fix scheduler columns that are regularly out of order even after saving "column order for daily op schedule?"  This is happening for a specific person's log in name on multiple machines.  Also related, when we print a copy of the schedule it will print in the default column order even if that is not what is shown on the screen. Any ideas?

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Premolar I

I had this issue a few years ago.  I had to go to each workstation as the other's were logged in and create a new"book" or view for them and then named it.  This problem went away with the last few updates, we are not 116.2.5.

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as you said this issue is specific person's log in name on multiple machines.that means it is most likely a corrupted log in files , we can fix that by renaming \ deleting some user settings file related to the corrupted one though when renaming or deleting this file  any preferential changes made to the scheduler such as fonts, font sizes, and column widths will be set back to their default settings.
will call the office and offer assistance 
if you can send me a private message with office and contact information i can give you a call to reset that user 

Thank you Ayman.  Since your fixed the corrupted files we have not had anymore problems.

Canine III

I do believe that the schedule settings are not saved per workstation but per log in. I know we have a saved schedule layout that we click on when the the columns get shuffled and it puts them back. It is the button on the right hand side and looks like an open book. Also, out columns have a number assoc with them, if you have the column highlighted and click another number by accident it will change to someone elses schedule. You may have 2 columns of Dr. M's schedule and none of Dr. R's if this happens. You can create new default day books by going to the scheduler tab and clicking  "Set Up Books".